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180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam

Over 180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam

180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam is a non-for-profit, student-run organisation which aims to help social enterprises and NGOs reach their full potential by providing them with affordable, high quality consultancy services.
Twice a year, we look for students across the Amsterdam sector and universities who are both passionate by the social sector and want to learn more about the world of consultancy. Once we have found these open-minded, driven and studious individuals, we pair them up in teams of 5 and allocate them to a social organisation which is in need of a little help / an extra push to reach its goals.
Our consultants receive numerous trainings throughout their project cycle in order to make them as apt as possible to help their clients and are trained to provide assistance on the following thematics; organisational efficiency, marketing and engagement, fundraising and revenue generation, market entry and growth strategies and social impact measurements.

Are you a social enterprise or NGO looking for a little bit of extra help to reach your full potential ? Look no further and reach out to us, we are sure we can help each other grow and make the world better one step at a time !


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