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Post | mei 2022 | Bedrijfsverhalen | 2 min lezen

Wipro partners with Business Involved

Wipro partners with Business Involved

Business Involved is a win-win platform. We help businesses meet their sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals by connecting them with local initiatives that need support. There are countless opportunities to volunteer and make a real difference – Business Involved makes it simple to get started and inspire your team to help. 

Business Involved is proud to announce a new partnership with Wipro, a global leader in IT services.

Expanding network

Peter de Kruijk, Director of Amsterdam International Business, says: “Business Involved will grow to become the place for businesses, volunteers and volunteer organisations to meet so they can contribute to our beautiful city and region”. De Kruijk is delighted to welcome Wipro, which has had a long-standing relationship with the Amsterdam region and shares the City of Amsterdam’s vision of a sustainable future. “I am grateful,” says De Kruijk, “that Wipro is leading the way for other companies to join and make the city even better – bit by bit.”

Shared vision of a sustainable future

The Wipro Foundation was established more than 20 years ago with the aim of creating ‘a future that works for everyone’ and leads the company’s social community and sustainability initiatives around the world. Sarat Chand, Managing Director for Wipro Benelux, says: “Social good is in our DNA, and we believe in a holistic approach that covers the following broad areas: social and community initiatives, sustainability, inclusion and diversity, and being a good corporate citizen.” Wipro has a long relationship with the Amsterdam region, and Chand is happy to see that being taken even further. “Our vision is to be a member of the community we work and live in and become as involved as possible in giving back, as is the true spirit of Wipro.”

Get involved and give back

In partnership with Business Involved, Wipro employees throughout the Amsterdam region are taking part in volunteer activities to support local organisations dedicated to sustainability. One of the first joint activities saw Wipro staffers descend on Amsterdam’s Klein Dantzig community garden to help with cleaning up, planting and maintenance work. “It was a great day,” says Chand’s chief of staff, Michael Quataro. “Everyone was super excited to be involved.” And Chand is also quick to recommend such activities. “Working with the City of Amsterdam on volunteering initiatives has been a truly exciting experience – our employees are engaged and enjoy getting out into the community to serve others and give back. We would highly encourage other organisations to join the platform.”

About Business Involved 

Business Involved works together with the City of Amsterdam and Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam (Volunteer Centre Amsterdam, VCA). We’re in contact with more than 2,000 social organisations in fields ranging from the arts and education to nature, sport and charities. Our carefully curated network of diverse social causes means we can find the ideal match for your company. And once you’re started, we support continuing cooperation between your organisation and the social initiative. Our experts understand how to make social outreach programmes work and how to build and maintain partnerships with companies and those who work for them.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about joining the Business Involved network, please browse our listings of opportunities to volunteer, and contact us for more information.

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